Zabeen Ismail October 29, 1964 October 30th, 2017 Drew Updates (38) Save our sweet Zabeen October 2nd, 2018 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer MEMORIAL: Sunday October 28th 2:00 PM at Skylawn for people who want to honor Zabeen. January 27th, 2018 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Update from Drew. Believe it or not I have been moving this whole time. Taking care of Zabeen's things was really really tough. Just yesterday I found some more. In the moving process I found a whole two suitcases of clothing Indian style, Silk curtains And several other things that I need to get takin care of. If anyone wants some of Zabeen's things, including to the suitcases, please email me and come over today. We are still moving things to the new studio And I could really use any help anyone can offer. I am totally exhausted from this five month ordeal. I am technically homeless at this point and that's probably a good thing seeing how I need to find myself again. All of you already have that 142 address. If you have my number you can call me. It would be really great to have a few people coming get some of Zabeen's things.. A lot of you have asked for a few items so this is your chance. We start at 11AM LOVE> December 29th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Dear friends I had to Cancel the party for new years day. I am just unable to put it together this year. LOVE ~~!! D&Z December 26th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer The house here at 142 is still full of boxes but we have a big deck.. I need a little input on the New Year's Day party. Still waiting for Zabeen's headstone, believe it or not. Should I have an New Year's Day party? LOVE> November 28th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Hello everyone. I am looking at a new years day gathering for Zabeen NOT a memorial yet. Believe it or not, they haven't gotten her headstone done yet. Once that is in place I will hold a memorial at the Skylawn cemetery. I will get back to you all subsequently. I am still working on Zabeen's personal items. My sweet bird was a top shelf Gal~~ So much to get to her family.. LOVE ~ November 12th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer ~~~~~~~~~~~ HELP! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The owner is going to inspect on Tuesday at 9 AM. He's dragging me through the mud and not letting me out by not refunding my money and letting me go. I need as many witnesses to comment on the smell this place, as to It's permeating stench coming from under the floor as well. I want to have as many people as I possibly can here. Can you make it? If so, let me know on email please. [email redacted] 142 Chula Vista Dr San Rafael 94901 November 12th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Something different. I just found out that when I drive I am not looking to the right. I thought I was having a stroke but the reality is that Zabeen always covered the right. The revelation was intense I'm still not exactly sure what is happening with me. I look more now. I'm taking a portion of today to just be alone. Having John McKay here was a blessing as well as the short road trip to Los Angeles with him. I guess nothing can fill the emptiness but time. I am really clueless here, mostly because I've never felt this way before. Such a new. Just a friendly smile, a hello and knowing you all are part of my life is a beautiful thing. It's just hard not to be able to say good morning to my bird. I do it anyway and it is different. LOVE ~~ November 3rd, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer The saga continues: When Zabeen and I decided to move into our new place on Chula Vista Dr. I specifically asked the Owner this question. "Is there anything going on out here that might be problematic or noisy, Like barking dogs stuff like that?" He replied, "No they just finished building a house up the hill but they're all done now" Subsequently I have discovered we've moved into the middle of a construction zone. Along with all of that, basically none of the appliances work properly. e.g.(The ice maker in the refrigerator is broken) So this is a primer to a much longer story . Thinking a lot about everything now, I feel the best thing to do is to move again. I am trying to be nice to the guy and let him make the right decision to just let me out and pay me back what I've given him. We'll see what happens. On another note I had a great nights sleep last night. John McKay took me to a wonderful inexpensive sushi restaurant. We walked a couple of miles to get there which was nice. After we ate, I had my first "UBER Experience" I guess it's time to download the app.. The guy was from Cuba was really cool.. Thank you all again for helping me through this time. It's really hard to be missing my bird.. ~~~~~~~~~~~ LOVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~ October 30th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Zabeen took her last breath this morning early around six. I am updating everyone on Facebook using Facebook live now. The ceremony will most likely happen after 4 PM p.m. at sky lawn That is at 92 and 35 Skyline Blvd. That's the best I can do for now. Lots of love, I'm okay for now. It's the deepest feelings I have ever felt in my entire life.. Lots of love to all of you and all that can come. I know it's short notice but this is the way they do it. Zabeen is Muslim. Love D&Z October 29th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM DREW: Zabeen is getting ready to leave for body and go to another spiritual plane. When this happens her religion takes her body to a mosque, prepares her and then they do the burial. If it's during the day, it usually happens on the same day. I'm not sure exactly if she is going to pass today so bear with me please. By the way, today is Zabeen's birthday. Now because this process happens so fast, the only way to get you informed is that I will have to update you live on FB when the funeral will happen. So this will be my plan and strategy. The place will be the skyline at 92 and Skyline Boulevard. It's called "Skylawn." What I will be doing is updating regularly on Facebook Live. It's the only way that I can keep you informed on what's going on blow-by-blow so that if you want to come you can. Zabeen is in a very peaceful place, is relaxed and at peace. I am sorry this is the way it's has to happen but it's the best I can do. I am not even sure if Z will pass today and you will know as soon as I am able to pass on up to date events. I will post here until I go live. Please use my e-mail to communicate anything you are feeling and I will do my best to respond. Love D&Z October 26th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Drew & Z quickie.. The movers flaked on moving the piano so I am in trouble. I press on.. Z is in a rough patch. That's all I can say. I am vigil and with my bird 24/7 now.. More later, LOVE October 25th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer D&Z Update Wed October 25th: This morning Z is very thready. Yesterday she got kind of sick and I changed her scopolamine patch, which I think only lasts 2 1/2 days when it's supposed to last three. She got a little sick after mom came with food and tossed her cookies. Later that day, she was able to have some more food and drink. Yesterday was a good day all in all. I myself have so much coming at me that at times, overwhelmingly impossible pushes me toward breakdown and I still press through to get to get the job done, not completely unfettered as I know the next day will come in the blink of an eye. There are no days to count. there is no time, no hours, only life. As of late what I have learned In the last five years, I would like to tell thousands about and I believe might help them live better lives. If someone asks, I will speak publically any time after this has come to fruition. It's amazing that I didn't know we had cancer the whole time we were together. Believing that the witch doctors while telling us what we really wanted hear, was just a facade of uncertainty cloaked in reassurance. We both forged forward, not realizing that the whole time Zabeen was fighting this energy sucking monster making her have to sleep endless hours to muster up energy and have a slice of fun. Most of you saw her vibrant essence at the Palace parties. Pretty amazing to think back on those times. Now I know how it works. At the end, it's either the hard way or the soft way. Zabeen, In her elegance chooses the soft way. That's because of her kind nature and the soft voice everyone knows that vibrates from her to you in the essence of divine love. The very first time anyone meets my Z birdy bird bird, it is always magic. It's Z's birthday on the 29th. For those who know this, be gentle with your thoughts and actions. LOVE D&Z October 24th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer D&Z Update. What is happening as of late is that things are incredibly changeable. On top of all this, there are several events that are out of my control that I am being forced to deal with. I know now I am being tested and I'm okay with that. It's a duty placed on me by the Chairman. I will not fail Getting medication into Zabeen is and has been very very hard at times. We press on ! I climbed into the single bed with her last night and we snuggled for a while. She mostly spoke Hindi to me so it looks like I'm going to have to bone up a little bit on my Hindi language skills. This especially is applicable to pressure on her body when I'm rubbing her back and events that require contact. She is so sensitive I can barely touch her at times. I'm sorry if I'm not giving enough information but it's really really hard right now to do the social networking on top of so many other things. As a recording artist/ entertainer, my mother always told me that it is my duty to stay in touch with the people that talk to me and share their lives with mine. It is my pleasure to abide by my Mother's wishes Which of been ingrained in me since childhood, to keep you all in the loop. Mom was a Hollywood starlet. Please have patience at times I will need it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Love D&Z ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ October 22nd, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Update from Drew. So I primed the Z-bird with Asian pear this morning. She scarfed them down really well. Amazing. Then Salma Came with Indian food. On top of that Lauren Roger can. All of a sudden Z's appetite came back. Looks like friends around bringing good food is a good thing. ~ FOOD & FRIENDS = LOVE ~ October 22nd, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer CLARIFICATION: This is specifically for people who are wondering if I'm calling the specific treatment and or procedures that will cure Zabeen. What I am doing is following the Doctor's instructions. There are several doctors on the team, including a top oncology professional. Yes I have the power to make decisions but Zabeen has the power to decide on her own until she can not. I am here to keep her as comfortable and peaceful as I can. There's no magic bullet here although I thought there might have been two weeks ago. This is quite a sobering event. I at times, feel so powerless due to the fact I am unable to change our situation, all while I keep wishing for an instant miracle, a gift from God please. Please! Time doesn't matter, only life matters. Thank you for your compassion. Thank you for your offerings. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your friendship and love. I am doing my best not to crumble Into a pile of useless emotions. Emotions I will have to surrender to at a later time. Love to all of you. love Rev. D & Z ~ Bird October 21st, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Update: I have hospice by the bay helping me to care for Zabeen. As I said before, "I am hoping that the radiation will help her feel better." It's very touch and go and I am keeping a full log of everything that is happening. Many people have come to me with several different types of cures, it's just too arduous of the situation to think anything like that will work at this time. I Also feel that it is important for everyone to know that I am being harassed by one of her brothers in Australia. {Farid Mohammed Ismail} He has absolutely kniwledge of the five years of cancer Zabeen and I have fought our way through up to this point, together. The words that he texted me are truly hate speech. I guess some people such as this one will never have any respect for what's going on while using their ignorance to castigate someone such as myself. I broke down this morning when I heard a song by Pat Metheny group sung by David Bowie for the movie Falcon & the Showman. "This is not America" I made the tape decades ago and gave it to Dustin for his Prius. I was moving his car and it came on and I just lost it. The only positive side about it was I got to lose a little salt out of my brain. Crying does that.. I'm with Zabeen 24/7 now. I'll give you an update tomorrow. ~ Thank you all once again for your support ~ ~ It's as real as it gets and anyone thinking anything else, needs to learn about life, love and compassion.~ Love, D & Z October 21st, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Drew's update: Zabeen is now home and in a peaceful setting. She can see the deer in the backyard all day eating up a storm. (Acorns) The radiation treatments may be working. I am waiting to see if she perks up a bit in the next few days. Z is an amazing woman. I am here 24/7 and it's an up and down all night situation and I don't mind a bit. I want to get Z out on the new balcony and feel the sun when it warms up. It's very intense but I am finally able to keep up with all that's happening. Believe it or not after a month of moving we are almost out of Cazneau. Moving out of there's like moving six times normally. It has been a nightmare. My son Dustin has been marvelous. He's taken the bull by the horns and handled a lot of events that I just I Was unable to fulfill. Thank you all so much for helping Zabeen and myself. I have discovered that crying drains my body battery. So for now I suck it up, hold back the tears and press on. Love, Drew & Z~ Birdy bird bird !~ October 18th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Hi everybody this is the update as of today right now. The cancer is moving through Zabeen's body like wildfire. She refused tth feeding tube yesterday. I'm not sure but we might be at the endgame. I am truly a deer in the headlights. Not knowing which way to turn or which direction I should move or what to do next. I've got to bring her home so that's what I'm going to do. ~ Frankly, I am unable to comprehend the situation is in its entirety ~ The move from Sausalito to San Rafael began before we went into the hospital and is still happening now. My little Z-bird wants to fly again. More later, Drew October 17th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Hello people: And you're really up in the air right now. I'm trying to make it all come together and news is rather arbitrary.. I will give a further update fairly soon and when I know what all the levels are that I need to know before I actually say something that counts. ~ Doing my best ~ Love you all, Drew and the Bird October 13th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer STILL NEED HELP !!!!!! "Calling all cars" Please post. DOCTOR SAYS "CBD" COULD CURE !!! Call is out to the best guy to bring me the goods. H~~ E ~~ L ~~P October 13th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Sorry I haven't been able to do much updating as of late. Zabeen is still in the hospital. This is her sixth day of radiation. I am a little worn out but trying to keep up. I'm looking into a cancer treatment center called True North Health. If they take Medi-Cal we might have something good here. I will let you all know and thank you. Regards, Drew & Zabeen October 10th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Hello everybody: Call this week will be radiation to Zabeen's entire brain. Pretty freaking intense. I will periodically update you when I can. Believe it or not we are still moving and purging and doing all kinds of stuff to get the house in order for Z to come home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOVE D&Z ~~~~~~~~~ October 7th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Update On the Z~Bird! After a very tough return to the ICU, Zabeen perked up and got her 1st radiation treatment yesterday. So we are on the upswing people!>> :-D I was so tired I could write last night. Sorry about that.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOVE WORKS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By the way my Son Dustin is my savior, no lie !! We are both so sore this morning either one of us could walk very well. He's 31 years younger than me so I think that's pretty good. The ol man is keeping up.. Ha ha.. October 5th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Drew is Dustin. Dustin is Drew's Son. He started this campaign.. Okay, Z went back in the hospital today and is in ICU. She got very dehydrated on her first attempt to leave the hospital and we had to put her back in. She's hydrated again now and things seem to be balanced. Tomorrow is her first radiation. Main thing is a she has nausea and can't eat yet. We are hoping to clear that up with the radiation to shrink those little tumor suckers, because they're bugging the heck out of her. Please keep your good mojo coming. Once again thank you so much for your support it's really a big deal right now. The bully went away which is righteous because frankly, I just wasn't interested in listening to that kind of Mean language. The words are meaningless and the person was sad. Let's love them too. Send More later, Drew And the Birdy bird bird, Z-bird. October 5th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Okay people: We are back in the ER.. She just couldn't keep anything down. They are hydrating her now and will admit her in about four hours. Now I'm the boss and she leaves when the doctor says and I concur. Love you and thank you for everything. We are hanging in here,, D&Z-birdy Bird Bird !! October 5th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer This is Drew, Zabeen has been home now for two days. Today is day three. She has been Unable to keep anything down, food or water so I may have to take her back to hospital for Hydration. Not really sure why she can't keep anything down with got to find out. Her first treatment is at 9:30 this morning. I will give you all an update sometime this evening. ~ Lots of love ~ D&Z-Bird October 3rd, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Hello everybody. Zabeen decided she wanted out of that hospital room, so that's what we did. It's a bit nip and tuck at home but we're trying hard. She's got to get her sea legs back. Some of the girls are staying with her as I move the place over here. It's kind of crazy being in two places at once but that's what my psyche is doing. Once again thank you all for your support. I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends. This whole thing has evolved me tremendously. Now I really know what love is.. More later, Drew October 2nd, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer One more little thing. I have a bully. I know who he is now. Pretty Sad. He really tried to beat me up. All I can do is feel sorry and hope for the best for him. He wanted me to record for free and I told him that I couldn't do it. That's why he's mad.. ~ Love ~ October 2nd, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Zabeen Is getting really close to getting her home. We'll be at the new location very soon. Looks like he account information all the other stuff is cleared. That was a small war. I had to chill today, was just really really brutal for two weeks and I just took a day chilled out. I still didn't administrative work but no moving anything. Man oh man on my lonely, I need my Birdy bird bird.. Love you guys, more later, D October 2nd, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Lookie Lookie GoFundMe steps up to the plate. ========================================= Hi Drew, Thank you for getting back to us. We do not offer phone support since we provide all of our assistance through email. This allows me to make responding to you my number one priority, as well as keep detailed records of our communication. Also, please keep in mind that each time you send us a response, your message gets placed at the back of the GoFundMe inbox so please try to only send one message at a time. That way, I can get back to you as quickly as possible. Also, thank you for entering your personal information for a withdrawal. I have reviewed your campaign and have lifted the precautionary hold on the withdrawals. Once you request a bank withdrawal, deposits take 2-5 business days to appear in your bank account. Please contact our team if your deposit doesn't arrive after 5 business days. If you need anything else, please feel free to follow-up on this thread, and our Happiness team will be able to give you an immediate reply. Kind regards, Community Management Team September 30th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Today is another Big moving day. Sabine wants to come home but they have to get her sodium levels correct. I'm not sure how long that will take but have to do it. My sciatica is slowly clearing up and I am working and feeling better. It really is tough when you're laid out for a month. Thank you all again for helping this is going to be a great help for Zabeen with the multiple levels of recovery. I'm one 10th of the way there and that's awesome. More to come. LOVE ~ D&Z ~ September 29th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Drew is now hunting down oncologists for second and third opinions. Immunotherapy? Chemotherapy? We have to get the diagnosis of the type of cell then we go after the best Risk.. Love you all. Can't post much today or asked for anything as I'm just working tail end out. Hopefully the new link will help to keep the Facebook boss from stopping me to post.. Love September 28th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "People who love Zabeen and Drew, make sure that when your Facebook friends post in Facebook that they copy the GoFundMe link directly from the GoFundMe website ( this one ) and then post it in their own time line as a status update with their own personal message. A short personal message makes it unique. Avoid just copying & pasting or reposting in Facebook. By having the direct link to GoFundMe with an original thoughtful message it confuses the Facebook Bots. Bots are designed to control what content reaches the General Public and all of your friends on Facebook.” September 27th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Okay people. Thank our lucky stars of Zabeen has moved out of Constant care and into a regular hospital room. Now at 4125.. I can call her on the radio all away from 101 :-) So cool. The worst thing is, I don't get to hang out and be with her and rub her feet and Popsicle toes, keeping her warm all those good times yet I am waiting to get the Z bird home. Once again I have to thank you all for your contributions because it's huge for her. I get to do the extra things that she totally needs. I'm almost 1/10 of the way and everyone is telling me that's really good. Okay off we go. 150K Gotta do it for the Bird.. Z Bird. And the new place will be warm and dry. September 25th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Oh Boy! Here's the scoop for today people. Looks like two weeks of radiation every day. Gamma Knife. Then 10 weeks of chemo every day. Not exactly sure which chemicals are going to use yet. The last time I did chemo with Zabeen, I massaged her every hour on the hour. I'm good to go.. It's the only way to push all the blood around while she's getting beat up by chemical that basically eats her alive. I have to be able to do this. Thank you for your love.. I love my wife I loves Zabeen. She's my Birdie Bird Bird September 24th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer A little bit tough tonight for Z. Lots of wonderful visitors. She's just tired from all the excitement. Thank you all for your Support. Long ways to go... September 24th, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer I have added this to my core message. It occurs to me that it would help if you knew why we are doing this campaign. ==================================== The reason why I am asking for your help is that although our health converge is covering the hospital costs, it won’t cover the convalesce when Zabeen gets home. In all humility, I need help and we’ll need an extra pair of hands and some competent help to facilitate Zabeen’s recovery. September 23rd, 2017 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer Z is a bit better and has been moved to the critical care wing next to ICU. Help me spread the love when the spirit moves you. Love, Drew. Share Donate Search How it works Start a GoFundMe Sign in Share Donate Save our sweet Zabeen $20,776 raised of $150,000 goal 226 donations Share Donate now Margo/Ron DeCook $50 6 yrs See all See top Drew Youngs is organizing this fundraiser. On Monday Sept. 18th Zabeen couldn’t keep anything down and was so dehydrated that I decided to drive her to the Marin General ER. There, we discovered that Zabeen had multiple brain tumors. An operation ensued to remove two tumors and they were successful to remove one about the size of a golf ball and had to leave the other tumor in for now. After working through two rounds of breast cancer, we'll need your financial support and help through a long and arduous recovery – one which we are certain will be successful. The reason why I am asking for your help is that although our health coverage is covering the hospital costs, it won’t cover the convalesce when Zabeen gets home. In all humility, I need help and we’ll need an extra pair of hands and some competent help to facilitate Zabeen’s recovery. I am humbled to a level beyond anything I could ever feel. I am her servant, her angel forever – Drew Youngs Updates (38) October 2nd, 2018 by Dustin Carpenter, Organizer MEMORIAL: Sunday October 28th 2:00 PM at Skylawn for people who want to honor Zabeen. See older updates Donate Share Organizer Drew Youngs Organizer San Rafael, CA Contact Words of support Please donate to share words of support. Created September 21st, 2017 Medical Report fundraiser Your easy, powerful, and trusted home for help · English © 2010-2024 GoFundMe Terms Privacy Notice Legal Accessibility Statement Fundraiser by Drew Youngs : Save our sweet Zabeen