In 2005 I ran for union president. There was hostility between I and the union and between I and the other person running for president. The hostility was coming from them but not from me. When I voted I put a very identifying mark on my ballot because I didn’t trust the union. At the end of the day the union took the cardboard box home over night and came back the next day to count the votes. I lost.

I asked the union board for a recount because they took home the ballots. The union said no. I said I just want to be a witness to the count. I want to locate my ballot. They said no.

Many employees felt it was illegal for them to take home the ballots. I consulted an attorney and the attorney said if there is no stipulation in the bylaws they were free to do what they did. I received a letter stating how my questioning their integrity and honesty was a slap in the face and that union charges would be filed against me and I could lose my membership. The letter was signed by union board members and shop stewards.

Six months later the newly elected union president was fired for assaulting an employee. The employee was assaulted twice by the president in less than an hour. I was the only witness to the first assault and the second assault was open for interpretation. Many people saw the second assault but varying opinions.

I reported the assault that I saw to the police and filled out a report. The president filed for freedom of information act of the report and got my personal information and opened up a credit card in my name and started to order midnight infomercial products and sending them to my home. My box was getting full. The credit card company closed the account but didn’t want to push for an investigation for identity theft.

His termination went to court and the assaultee backed down in fear of the major bully our president was. The company never called me as a witness because they could not establish motive for the assault and our president came back to work and was reinstated as president.

Then I was told by my employer I could be sued for defamation because he won. The union told me I was going to be sued but the president never did. I was not sued because I can show motivation on the first assault and they knew it. They also knew the assaultee could at any time speak up to the truth. No testimony in court on the first assault and too many varying witnesses on the second got him his job back.

About 5 years later he was fired again for creating a hostile work place and he was never seen again but won again in court a wrongful termination.

Not written by Brandon Cleveland Yosemite El Portal California