Subject: Re: Good to Hear you!
Date: Mon, Jun 28, 1999, 2:16 PM

HI Clark My first Question is how exactly did you get my home phone number? I never
told you exactly where I lived except for Boise,ID so enlighten me.
My second request is please watch your spelling became you spelled Good
wrong when you sent it to me (with two d's instead of two o's which
offended me. (not that the word was mispelled but what the mispelling maded
the word become. So please just be a little more careful.
My favorite part of the week is on Wednesday nights because I have the
opportunity to be a witness and example to teenagers for around my area.
The event is called sports night and it is held at my home Church. The
teen's have a chance to play sports or different games. They also
socialize with other teen's. Then we have a short message during the
middle of sports night.

I really enjoyed the pictures especially the ones of Yosemite and your
picture looks pretty good too. The only thing I can do is few the pictures
and nothing more so if you have a better way to few pictures let me know.
This last weekend I went to the River Fest. which is big event here in
Boise. We have a nightlight parade and Giant Ballow parade. There are also
a lot of event going on through out the day such as concerts and cratf
shows. Any way I went to it on Friday with my parents and had a blast.

Well I guess for now I will say goodbye

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